HASH Training

SOHO offers HASH training in London, New York City, and Washington D.C.

HASH is an open-source platform for predictive simulation that enables organisations to build their own complex systems models and experiment on them directly. It is designed to be usable by subject-matter experts as well as computer programmers and data scientists, and as such enables predictive insights to be generated by a wider-array of individuals, closer to the ground, than traditional business intelligence tools allow.

In our basic training, we’ll show you how to use HASH to:

  • Visualise data in real-time and run multivariate simulations in H-Core
  • Use the H-Index to access pre-built models of real-world cities and industries for rapid scenario modelling
  • Run predictive simulations on the H-Cloud

In our advanced training, we introduce users to a range of methods for capturing real-world observations and incorporating them into HASH models, as well as professional techniques for validating and verifying models quickly.