Risk Advisory

Deployed properly, emerging technologies can powerfully enable organisations to achieve more than ever before, boosting productivity and unlocking key insights into both markets and organisations internally. But even when used to great effect, systems may be vulnerable to human exploitation, or information failures, resulting in data loss, project failure, and regulatory sanction.

SOHO provides information assurance and technology risk strategy services to small startup sized organisations and large enterprises alike. From initial scoping, GAP analyses, and roadmaps, through to the implementation of risk mitigation tools and processes, we help firms reduce political, reputational, and regulatory risk exposure stemming from the use of new and emerging technologies.

From boardroom to production floor, our cross-disciplinary team work across entire businesses to identify and tackle diverse challenges. The problems we address range from insider threat risk and technical vulnerabilities, through to financial and capital exposure, data breaches, cyberattacks, governance black-spots, dispute resolution and risk modelling.