Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay Per Click, or ‘PPC’ marketing, refers to a type of campaign in which a website pays Google to show their adverts when a user searches for a given keyword. Rather than search-engine optimise a site so that it appears ‘organically’ for a given search-term, with PPC the webmaster pays per click for every individual visitor driven to their site.

What does SOHO offer on a PPC front?

Campaign Reviews: also known as ‘PPC audits’, we review existing campaigns for clients – often those run by other agencies – and identify opportunities for improvement and optimisation. We suggest new directions, alternative approaches, and provide a fresh perspective on campaigning, in addition to providing technical expertise and structural guidance.

Managed Campaigns: we take full control of campaigns, start-to-finish, helping generate great returns on budgets starting from just £5,000 per month. Continuous strategy development, around-the-clock optimisation of ads, refinement of keywords and audiences, always-improving targeting and access to our in-house tools and proprietary algos enable us to deliver a level of service that we’re happy to benchmark against the competition. When both building accounts from scratch and working on existing ones, we are driven by ROI, and happily bill on both performance and flat-spend bases.

Find Out More

To learn about our past successes, and find out more, click here to contact the SOHO team. SOHO employs Google-certified consultants – and takes deep technical understanding seriously, to the point that even our Managing Partners are certified. For a friendly chat about your PPC strategy, get in touch.


Click here to see the difference. If you’re uncertain about the respective costs and which approach might be best for you, get in touch and one of friendly team will help you determine what fits your use-case best.