Done right, email marketing remains one of the most cheap and effective mediums for marketing online.

List-Building & Insights

If you don’t yet have an email marketing system in place or a ‘list’ of consumers ready to target, using insight tools we developed in-house Soho can help you both grow going forward and make the most of historical user-interactions on your site even where proper CRM and tracking tools may not have been implemented.

Sequencing & Segmentation

Using custom autoresponders and list-sequences with segments of your list can improve email marketing results by 350%+ (Soho Strategy 2014 Digital Strategy Review). But to do so, you not only need the technical tools capable of segmenting your list but the audience insight and marketing strategy to meaningfully and effectively segment users. We craft custom sequences and perform analyses that enable businesses of all sizes to derive meaning from data and target consumers in more personalised, effective ways.

Strategy Audit

If you’re already doing or outsourcing your email marketing and want to achieve better results, Soho offers rapid-turnaround email-marketing audits that enable you to get a clear picture of your mailing efficacy, strengths and shortcomings. If you’re concerned that you’re not getting the results you should be and would like to set up a confidential meeting, get in touch.

Case Studies

To view our real-world case studies, pricing and to find out how we might help your business, please contact us.