Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy: A Dirty Term…

It’s unfortunate that DS is so often synonymous with BS, but at SOHO we take our work extremely seriously and approach it with years of hard evidence-backed practice and scientific rigour. When organisations are just getting started it’s typically okay to get a friend’s cousin to design a website, but when businesses start to grow, things start to go wrong at scale, payments fail, sites fail to perform and business starts getting lost, it’s really not okay.

What We Offer

Digital Transformation & Product Development
One of the many things SOHO’s Digital Strategy team does is take sites, apps, systems and processes – sometimes badly-designed – but more often than not just not built for large-scale operation – and turn these around into high-performing, highly-scalable machines. Combining our London web design, application development, and eCommerce developers with user-experience designers, creative brand leads, systems scientists, behavioural economists and cybersecurity experts, we take good and make it great.

Digital Markets Advisory
From thinking and planning, through to build, delivery, optimisation and long-term support, we help organisations approach technology and the possibilities it unlocks in creative ways. From single-city cleaning companies to national government services, we’ve been the digital strategists at the forefront of transformation.

Sure, no philosopher ever asked, “if a firm thinks it’s digital, but can’t benchmark itself against the competition, is it really digital?” But experience tells us that the question is vitally important. A lack of a strategic and competitive awareness can be the death-knell in rapidly-changing digital and online environments – leading to vulnerability and missed opportunity. Market research, competitive analysis, industry strategy, financial and systems modelling, and analytics consultancy form the backbone of our Digital Markets Advisory practice.

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