An agency who understands cyber?

When you’re choosing a digital agency to work with in the present-climate, it’s important to pick one who thinks through the security implications of their work. Some agencies will wrongly tell you that there isn’t one. Others will claim that they’re experts without proof or evidence. Most rely on clients knowing nothing at all, whilst they may only know a little.

The simple reality is that knowing who to work with is difficult when you’re not able to judge the expertise of others yourself – and it’s a truly damning state of affairs when yesterday’s self-proclaimed “social media gurus” are today’s “cybersecurity experts”. At SOHO, that’s not the case. Our team consist of real cyber experts.

What does SOHO do?

The company provides a range of standalone cybersecurity advisory services to clients.  These include:

  • Full-service incident response: crisis communications, regulatory notification, technical response, system security, data protection, attack attribution, and more).
  • Cyber crisis communications
  • Regulatory advisory services
  • Post-attack security audits

To see a range of examples, see our cyber case studies page for detail.

But more than the above, we work with security in mind. From secure everyday communications with our clients, through to privacy and security by-design website and software development, our clients know that we’ve thought through the implications of cybersecurity, and the reality of cyber-threats, throughout every stage of a project’s lifecycle – whether they’re contracting us to do cyber-security work or not.

Meet the team

David Wilkinson is SOHO’s Partner leading on cyber matters. He sits on the management committee of the UK’s Information Assurance Advisory Council, which was established in 1999, combining the efforts of government, industry, and academia in countering informational threats to UK plc. He also heads the development of SOHO’s HASH.AI complex systems modelling and risk simulation platform.

Chris Hurran is SOHO’s human-factor security and investigations lead. He brings more than four decades of experience in the Royal Engineers, the Diplomatic Service, NISCC (the National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre) and CPNI (the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure).