By creating and testing multiple versions of your website against one another we’re able to see which variants perform best. Our data analysts and conversion experts drill down best practice and experience to achieve rapid, real conversion increases that boost your bottom-line.

Audience Analysis

Through statistical analysis, ethnographic research and quantitative tracking we uncover consumer insights and emerging trends as they occur. Think you know your audience? Think again. Get inside their mindset, understand their motivations, touch base at appropriate points and discover more effective ways to reach your audience. Know not just who your audience are, but where they’re going as well, and influence it.

Multivariate Testing

Whether you run a small, low-traffic blog or a high-traffic multi-domain network of complex systems, our in-house NAME tool allows for the testing of multiple different on-page elements simultaneously. Unlike most agencies, we’ve both the tools and people in-house, along with the developers of the tools. That means we generate real results for you fast and you get access to all the raw data of our tests.

Journey Mapping

We enable the visual pinpointing of sales, signups and conversions to their source through a unique mix of attribution analysis and network mapping. Discover the real drivers behind your hottest leads and multiply your results.

Product Positioning

Combining brand and competitive analysis Soho identifies growth opportunities, reveals latent threats and suggests competitive advantages that might be exploited.