What makes a great brand?

Great branding isn’t just about logos and colour-schemes. Although both play a role, brands that develop affinity with their customers rest on great narratives. They develop connections through memorable, meaningful story-telling and engagement. They wear their mission on their sleeves. And their communications display character. Consistently.

What we do

At SOHO, we help organisations synthesise their brand’s DNA: connecting with audiences in ways that help achieve mission objectives. When we proclaim a “wide array of experience” we mean it. Recent projects include:

  • Building a flagship new youth-focused brand for the British National Health Service (NHS)
  • Developing a communications and style-guide for a United Nations counter-terrorism project
  • Adapting a US-based non-governmental organisation’s brand for the European market
  • Crafting a regulator-facing identity for a major cross-border infrastructure project
  • Starting from scratch with a newly-founded San Francisco-based management consultancy to build them a complete corporate identity

Contact Us

We’d love to help. To see some of the organisations we’ve helped build brands for, click here to view our case studies, or get in touch to inquire further.