Strategic Intelligence

We assist organisations and their leaders in leveraging digital technology. From understanding key trends, to developing digital strategies, and advising boards on critical issues.

Increasing economic and social interconnectedness in the form of globalisation, and the increasing pace of technological change, make developing effective strategy harder than ever — but they are also the reason it is required. Effective strategy today requires understanding across a full-spectrum of strategic environments: economic, social, and technological. To survive and thrive in these environments, organisations require a cross-disciplinary approach to strategy, and frequently benefit from simulating and modelling the impact of hard-to-quantify change. Such problems with feedback loops and moving parts are inherently difficult to model utilising traditional ‘data science’ techniques and expert-prediction alone.

SOHO helps company leadership develop and manage the implementation of complex strategies requiring specialist understanding of multiple domains, as well as regulatory and geopolitical environments.

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