Product Studio

We work with brands and entrepreneurs with ideas, helping them test their assumptions, and transform their thinking into real and ready digital businesses.

Innovation is both a priority and challenge. So how can firms gain a competitive advantage when innovating?

SOHO has a 10-year+ track record in building successful, sustainable digital products and services. Combining our various service offerings, we bring behavioural and branding experts, user-experience specialists, user interface designers, data scientists, software developers, creative marketers, and copywriters together under one roof. Taking responsibility for product creation, from brief beyond launch, we enable businesses to focus on what they’re good at – being experts in their market – without worrying about technical project management or delivery risk.

SOHO’s agile 4D build process allows adaptation whilst innovating, and helps organisations rapidly bring minimum viable prototypes of their ideas to market, scaling up upon the back of proven data. Utilising open-source frameworks and industry-standard tools, all our projects are designed to be fully maintainable beyond launch by in-house teams, third-parties, or in continued partnership with SOHO.


Engaging the Product Studio

We work on both pure retainer and split equity/retainer models (taking up to a 49% stake in the businesses we build) to fit a wide variety of budgets, effectively acting as a full-service startup builder for hire, or as a joint venture partner.