Digital Transformation and Advisory

Digital transformation means different things to different companies: we’ve led digital transformations of small mom-and-pop cleaning companies, and run programmes on behalf of multi-billion dollar organisations alike.

Brick and mortar stores seeking to cost-effectively leverage social media advertising have radically different sets of concerns to a national health service wanting to utilise new and emerging digital platforms to improve patient safety. SOHO’s cross-disciplinary team, with wide-ranging experience across a whole host of industries, brings deep technology specialism to any domain.

Technology is constantly evolving, opening new doors to revenue growth and cost reduction. But change rarely exists in a vacuum, and as their competitors change tack, so must all businesses – if only to stay relevant. First-mover advantages compound over time, and legacy processes expose slow-moving companies to new risks, vulnerabilities, and disruption.

Traditional management consultancy borne ‘transformation strategies’ are in practice rarely able to keep pace with the rate of technological change, and are perhaps most-famed for missing driving macro trends entirely (from the introduction of the personal computer, to the subsequent rise of e-commerce).

SOHO leads in designing and implementing processes for agile digital transformation, backed by evidentiary simulation and modelling. Continuous iteration and low-cost experimentation enable rapid validation of hypotheses and delivery of results, in line with real business need.  Building on a full-spectrum of experience, we develop and implement innovative processes and strategies for harnessing emerging technology.