A Summer of Pride

Whilst the weather in the UK might suggest that Summer ended long ago, today is in fact the final day of Summer 2017. In this post we look back at the summer with Pride, and take a moment to recognise and celebrate the great LGBT organisations with which we’ve worked with this year.

Our work this year

Kaleidoscope Trust  to Paul Dillane, Jesse Sperling, Sir Stephen Wall, and KT’s dedicated board and fantastic activists on the ground, we salute you all. This year SOHO has helped rationalise KT’s internal IT assets and bring the organisation’s cyber policies up to date. This has enabled the group to engage with and protect activists and advance equality safely and securely in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

UK Alliance for Global Equality  with Matt Beard of AllOut, Sara Hall at Stonewall, and a fantastic roster of other LGBT leaders, we pro-bono built and launched UKAGE’s super-minimalist site in less than a day. UKAGE aims to find common-ground between organisations’ efforts, prevent wasteful duplication of effort, and force-multiply activism. The vision? A world where everyone can participate fully in their society, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity. UKAGE consists of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, AllOut, the Commonwealth HIV & AIDS Action Group, the Human Dignity Trust, the Kaleidoscope Trust, the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group, STOPAIDS, and Stonewall.

Human Dignity Trust: as we kick off a new round of work for HDT, the organisation looks to build on its successful legalisation of LGBT rights in Belize, with cases in Jamaica, Northern Cyprus, and Singapore.

Equality Wealth: we’re working with LGBT-focused wealth management company, Equality Wealth, in delivering targeted help and retirement planning to same-sex couples up and down the UK, focusing in on both the North-West region, and London. By utilising micro-targeted lookalike audiences, and conversion-optimising the firm’s landing pages, over the first 30 days we enabled a 2.3x increase in the generation of leads.

Going forward

In spite of progress, it remains illegal to be openly gay in at least 72 countries worldwide, and there is still work to be done in the West, with positive cases to be made for diversity. In the next year, we look forward to the opportunity to work on even more projects that advance the fight for equality globally.

If not already obvious, SOHO is an equal opportunities employer. Positively enthusiastic about diversity, we’re lucky enough to be engaged by some truly amazing organisations and people. We also happen to be hiring! So if you’re a developer, a marketer, an account executive, or generally into digital, check out our current openings.