Introducing: Promptable

About Promptable

Promptable helps students in further education (FE) to succeed in their courses by helping colleges to deliver a proven support programme to their students. From the Behavioural Insights Team’s website:

The platform helps college tutors create and send a suite of text messages that include helpful reminders, study tips and motivation throughout the academic year. Students can also choose to nominate a ‘study supporter’ to receive these messages, which enables someone the student is close to (a parent, older sibling, other relative or a friend) to initiate regular conversations with them about their studies.

Promptable minimises the burden on colleges and tutors by making it easy for colleges to upload student data, write messages using templates we’ve already tested, and automatically send messages out on a pre-set schedule.

Real Results: Increasing Student Attendance

Initial results using Promptable have led to a 7% increase in students’ attendance amongst those in receipt of messages, versus those who were not. In use across the entire country, it is imagined that the system could prevent thousands of students a year from dropping out of schools and colleges.

The Behavioural Insights Team started life inside the UK Government’s Cabinet Office as a home for applying behavioural science to society’s most pressing problems. They are currently recruiting further-education colleges to sign up for the pilot, and welcome international expressions of interest. For more details, please see the Promptable website.

Our Work: Building Promptable Start-to-Finish

Soho Strategy was approached with a brief to build the Promptable product from scratch: developing a brand, website, and the technology platform itself. This process was conducted through extensive consultation with stakeholders, and the research and development took place over a 2-3 month period. In 2018 Promptable was delivered to over 10,000 students within 80 educational institutions.

To view the full SOHO/Behavioural Insights Team case study, click here.

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