Introducing: HASH

We’ve been thinking about Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) a lot recently, at SOHO, and indeed it’s something we’ve been using for upwards of a year now to develop more sophisticated strategies for our clients.

What we’ve learned from experience is that to build the most accurate models of the world at scale, and how agents truly operate in any environment, you ideally want to combine lots of small detailed models, each built by experts in their field. Brought together, these can form ‘meta-models’ whose explanatory and predictive powers far exceed those of both individual analysts, and whole entire traditional ‘intelligence’ providers.

No existing ABM platform truly allows for this. At SOHO, we’re building HASH, a new type of ABM platform that allows real-time modelling and simulation of phenomena as they occur.

To register for the private Beta, and to find out more, visit

HASH: Distributed, Real-Time Agent-Based Modelling

We Want You

We’re currently seeking out the brightest and best minds in the world, specifically those with experience building, and working alongside:

  • Distributed, real-time, and quantum computing technologies
  • Complex, and multi-agent systems simulators
  • Machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools
  • Signal processing and compression technologies
  • Data fusion and visualisation systems
  • Graphical Information Systems
  • Ultra-narrow band, and low-power communication technologies
  • Multi-sensor systems

If you’d like to create HASH with us, and quite literally build new entire worlds, email [email protected]



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