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14th February 2017

Soho Strategy is proud to announce its inclusion in the UK Government’s new Digital Specialists and Digital Outcomes certified provider schemes. Building on our work for Transport for London and the National Health Service, we’re proud to be signatory to the UK government’s two new digital frameworks. But what does this mean for our clients at large?

When working on both public and private sector projects, we follow the Open Standards Principles. Our starting point is always user need, as “expressed in terms of capabilities with associated open standards for software interoperability, data and document formats”. We utilise and build on open standard wherever possible, and frequently open-source our own code to minimise the occurrence of technology lock-in. We develop in line with evidence-based policies and best practice, and communicate clearly and regularly throughout the development process. Development is a two-way conversation, iterative and agile based on evolving needs, with priorities set by the client.

These are not empty claims, but evidenced in our everyday work. To find out more, reach out and drop a line.

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