HASH is an open-source tool for complex systems modelling and simulation which was spun out of SOHO in early-2019. It enables anybody to build their own simulations of complex systems with a minimal learning curve to use.

Complex systems are things we might want to model which contain nonlinearities, exhibit emergence, show spontaneous order, adaptation, or feedback loops. Such systems, like the economy, a warzone, or the human body, are hard to model using traditional ‘big data’ techniques alone. HASH is a ‘small data’ way of predicting outcomes in such systems.

In a simplified form, HASH works by capturing expert knowledge regarding the nature of an environment, the actors within it, and the rules and relationships that govern their interactions. Through ‘stepping forward’ these rules and relationships in time, we are able to bottom-up construct a picture of the complex system, and tweak individual variables to measure its impact on outputs.

We offer training in the use of HASH, in London, New York City, and Washington D.C, covering all of the software’s core features and a number of advanced domain-specific modelling applications.

You can use HASH in-browser, download it yourself, or read more about it at hash.ai