Tech Against Terrorism

Project Background

SOHO was engaged by the UN’s joint Tech Against Terrorism project to develop a front-end for a risk assessment, mitigation and knowledge-sharing web platform that the initiative is launching in October 2017.

TechAgainstTerrorism required a team with high-end delivery experience to meet the needs of a wide range of tech-savvy partners, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube.

SOHO was chosen to deliver the fully-functional web-application and site on this high-profile, tight timeline project.

A full case-study will follow.

About the Client

The United Nations Security Council’s Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and ICT4Peace jointly-launched Tech Against Terrorism and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism in 2017 to counter violent extremism (CVE) online and prevent the spread of terrorist ideology.

Real ROI: Lives Saved

Few projects have higher stakes: failure and success equates to lives lost and saved. The project further aims to help prevent the balkanisation of the internet, as certain countries view the uncontrolled spread of terrorist propaganda as justification for moving away from decentralised TCP/IP stacks towards centralised, censorable solutions. We aim to prevent this by making CVE tools freely available to small websites as well as large corporations.