Remora Cleaning


The Mission

SOHO was approached to automate much of the backend management Remora faced on a day-to-day basis, with a brief to develop a timetabling and scheduling application – and to create from scratch an online booking system that would fully integrate with it – SOHO set out to create a solution which would automatically assign incoming jobs to cleaners, inform them of their shifts, process payments, and set the business on autopilot.

Our Solution

SOHO custom-built a responsive React-based Javascript rota system for the client, communicating via AJAX with PHP-based backend services built upon Laravel. Open-source frameworks were chosen for security, as well as ease of ongoing maintenance, and so that any other experienced developer or agency might be able to take over support or development of the system down the line. The approach also enabled the rapid prototyping and delivery of the product in minimal time with maximal cross-platform compatibility.

About the Client

Remora is a London-based cleaning company who deliver industry-leading services to institutional and private clients. A supplier of choice to London’s top agents and property managers, they process a large volume of business daily, and scheduling jobs, tracking completion, maintaining standards and following up with clients began to constitute a large and growing administrative burden on the firm.