Case studyNational Health Service

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Soho Strategy was approached in January 2016 with a vision to get more young people interacting with NHS services, and to improve health-outcomes. NHS Go was the result. We designed and developed the youth-focused iOS and Android app from the ground-up, and engaged in an algorithmically-optimised install campaign to drive installs across the UK.

App Development

The app itself was to be built on the NHS Choices API. We developed server-side middleware to cache, crunch and combine a range of further data-sources in addition, to provide the the level of service required.

Data from across NHS products was brought together, and normalised in an open-format. To achieve this, SOHO’s in-house Swift3 markdown parser was open-sourced during the development process.

Thousands of pieces of health information were categorised and culled into a data structure more readily understood and practically useful to young people than the raw data feed of NHS Choices.

Driving Take-up

Using our Europe-exclusive access to hash-targeting technology, SOHO ran an algorithmic install campaign that reached 500,000 young Londoners in its first fortnight, resulting in order-of-magnitude improvements in the cost-per-install achieved, relative to previous efforts.

Separate to our efforts, an influence-campaign involving a range of UK YouTubers popular with a broad cross-section of young people was conducted to drive brand awareness.