Kaleidoscope Trust


Given the sensitivity of Kaleidoscope’s work, and the general increase in the threat-level faced by actors of all size, the board and leadership felt it would be prudent to engage outside experts in a systematic review of the organisation’s cyber-policies and practices. SOHO was approached by the charity’s Chair and Chief Executive with a mandate to conduct this deep-dive and strengthen the organisation’s cyber-resilience.

Our Work

SOHO performed a full organisational review of all cybersecurity policies and practices in place, as well as non-cybersecurity policies and practices which may impact upon potential readiness and resiliency. With an unrestricted mandate across the organisation, SOHO:

  • Catalogued digital assets;
  • updated organisational risk-registers;
  • implemented password management solutions;
  • reinforced anti-malware protections across the network;
  • strengthened account credentials;
  • issued guidance on best-practice;
  • introduced multi-factor authentication throughout the organisation; and
  • rationalised disparate accounts into a new, easy-to-manage, properly-permissioned structure.

Cyber-resilience was built through a wide range of activities, and secure methods for sharing sensitive materials developed. Training was delivered on-site to the organisation’s staff in how to use these new tools, and follow best-practice in their own online activities. A ‘digital retrospective’ was furthermore undertaken to review account activity to-date, check for policy compliance, and determine whether appropriate access-permissions were held by all employees, volunteers and partners of the organisation.

Need a hand?

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About the Client

The Kaleidoscope Trust works to uphold the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people internationally. Their work focuses on three core areas:

  1. Raising awareness about the contexts LGBT people face abroad through communications and advocacy within the UK
  2. Policy change efforts with Commonwealth institutions and member states
  3. Strengthening skills of LGBT activists and building platforms for their advocacy

Based in London, Kaleidoscope partners with organisations led by LGBT activists, connecting them with British and international policy-makers and business leaders.

The UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Global LGBT Rights, which was founded in 2015, grew out of the Parliamentary Friends of the Kaleidoscope Trust.