Healthy London Partnership


First in 2017, and then again in 2018, we were asked to develop a paid social strategy for promoting the Healthy London Partnership’s #AskAboutAsthma programme. HLP specifically wanted to maximise reach of their campaign to ensure as many people as possible saw their “3-step” advice.


Building off our deep experience in both online youth engagement, and digital health messaging, we achieved the following results over a 7-day period in September 2017:

  • Campaign viewed 4,414,755 times by 13-25 year olds living in London and the surrounding (+/- 50-mile) area;
  • Campaign viewed by 3,956,928 unique individuals within this target demographic;
  • An average cost-per-thousand impressions 40% lower than pre-campaign estimates was achieved, offering significantly better value than forecast rates, which already beat out competitor-provided quotes;
  • Ad viewers completed 19,332 actions on the landing pages associated with the campaign; and
  • The campaign proved so successful that SOHO was ultimately forced to set-up a mirror of the HLP-hosted #AskAboutAsthma landing page which had been unable to handle the high level of traffic generated by the campaign.

In addition, significant second-order benefits were witnessed which were technically directly attributable to the social advertising conducted. These benefits included increased downloads of HLP mobile apps, and increased engagement on organic social media content associated with the organisation over the period.

About the Client

The Healthy London Partnership (HLP) is formed of National Health Service clinical commissioners in the capital, the Greater London Authority, Public Health England, NHS England, London’s councils, and Health Education England. It aims to tackle issues best solved ‘once for London’ by pooling resources and attracting additional funding to specific London issues like homelessness, access to GPs, and poor air quality.