Global Ocean Trust


SOHO was brought in ahead of the United Nations COP21 conference to develop a digital strategy for the Global Ocean Trust.

Our Work

Internationalisation: SOHO converted the existing single-language Global Ocean Trust website into a fully-functional multilingual version combining a mix of human-translation and automated machine-translation (on new pages where human translations were not yet available). This approach allowed for agile updates over time as more translated pages became available, and ensured the site was ready in the run-up, and for launch, at the United Nations COP21 conference in December 2015.

Brand and app development: SOHO managed the creation of the Ocean Action brand and toolkit, joining GOT for its launch campaign in the halls of Le Bourget at the United Nations COP21 climate conference in Paris.

Ocean Action App (V1 WIP)

About the Client

The Global Ocean Trust is a US-based charitable organisation which aims to bring new technologies, partnerships and sources of finance to the table to address leading climate challenges. By engaging a broad range of public and private sector actors, GOT seeks to create new business opportunities which in turn support marine infrastructure, and assist with addressing key marine conservation challenges.