Evan Davis


As a number of websites arose claiming to act as go-betweens or proxies between the public and our client, BBC presenter Evan Davis required a website of his own – to reassure people that he in fact had no agent – and that if they wanted to contact him they could do so directly via his website. With only Berkshire Hathaway’s famously basic website for inspiration (per Evan’s orders), we set to work designing a “very basic, very simple” website.

The Website

With a specific brief to create something lightweight, and avoid complexity, the aim was not to create a feature-full website, but something basic that delivered all the information anybody could want in an easy-to-access manner, and no more. To this end we built the website responsively with a range of users and devices in mind, and ensured that the site was search-engine optimised so that it would rank atop Google searches for Evan’s name alongside his Wikipedia page.

In Action

Click here to launch Evan’s site in a new window. Although the visuals are now somewhat dated, with the site having been originally developed in 2012, the website is built upon the easy-to-edit and open-source WordPress content management system, meaning pages can be easily updated by non-technical users and the security of the website is guaranteed through ongoing, free, lifetime updates.

About the Client

The host of the BBC’s flagship news programme, Newsnight, as well as Radio 4 show The Bottom Line, and television series Dragon’s Den, BBC presenter Evan Davis required a website of his own that ranked highly in Google, above third-party sites that had sprung up for his name.