Case studyEvan Davis

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BBC presenter Evan Davis, the host of Newsnight and Dragon’s Den, required a “very basic, very simple” site. With only Berkshire Hathaway’s famously basic website for inspiration (per Evan’s orders), we set to work designing the website.

The Website

With a specific brief to keep things simple, the aim was not to create a feature-full website, but something basic that delivered all the information anybody could want in an easy-to-access manner, and no more. To this end we built the website responsively with a range of users and devices in mind, and ensured that the site was search-engine optimised so that it would rank atop Google searches for Evan’s name alongside his Wikipedia page.

In Action

Click here to launch Evan’s site in a new window. Although the visuals are now somewhat dated, with the site having been originally developed four years ago, the website is built upon the easy-to-edit and open-source WordPress content management system, meaning pages can be easily updated by non-technical users and the security of the website is guaranteed through ongoing, free, lifetime updates.