Alzheimer’s Society


SOHO was commissioned by the charity’s CEO to audit the charity’s online web presence, with a view to developing a strategy to improve search-engine rankings.

Our Approach

As with Transport for London, SOHO’s team conducted an on-site SEO review, and began by dividing ranking signals into into minor, important, serious and critical factors.

Utilising in-house testing tools developed to benchmark websites against best-practice, we identified numerous areas of the Alzheimer’s Society website for improvement, and the report was delivered to the organisation’s Head of Marketing, Head of Digital, and CEO.

Following a subsequent concerted in-house effort from the charity, the organisation’s site today occupies top keyword positions for the vast majority of dementia-related search terms in the UK.

About the Client

The Alzheimer’s Society are the UK’s leading dementia support and research charity. Despite its name, the charity helps those with all forms of dementia, not merely Alzheimer’s, and has 230 local branches across the UK.