The Benefits of Multi-Method Modelling

Effectively choosing between modelling paradigms is a question of minimising bad trade-offs in the model creation, verification, and validation process. Should you build an agent-based model, something simpler, or take a combined approach? Read more

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3 Ways Gamification Is Being Used In Medical Apps

Gamification is the application of game-like mechanics to real-world problems. Things like leaderboards, point-scoring, the awarding of victories, and community validation for perceived winners, can be used to reward users of services and apps for a variety of actions. Read more

Applying Blockchain Tech in Healthcare & Medicine

One of the fields benefitting the most from clever uses of blockchain tech is healthcare, and the power that blockchain has to provide data subjects with the ability to control their information has not gone unnoticed. Read more

5 Big Alternative Uses of Blockchain Technology

The potential impact of distributed ledger technology only begins with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain holds the potential to transform everything, from the way we experience transactions, to how we interact with basic legal concepts and contracts. Read more

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What does an agent-based model look like?

The goal of agent-based models is typically to assess the effects of agents on complex systems as a whole, and detect resultant emergent features. Here's how you build one... Read more

What is ABM/ABMS?

Whilst traditional ‘data science’ involves the analysis of historical datasets and existing information, ABM stands for Agent-Based Modelling, which takes a radically different approach to simulation. Read more

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Airmiles on a Blockchain

Are loyalty programmes a good use of distributed-ledger technology, or an example of things taken too far? We take a quick look at the corporate and consumer benefits. Read more

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New UK Gov Digital-Accreditations Announced

The British Government has launched its new 'Digital Specialists' and 'Digital Outcomes' certification schemes, and we are proud to announce that SOHO is amongst the first batch of companies officially approved to supply UK government. Read more

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Tech-Enabled Disinformation

Facebook is not alone amongst tech giants in being guilty of contributing to November's US Presidential election result. Read more

How To Rig An Election

Electoral fraud, voter containment, roll-purging, gerrymandering, restrictions on ballot-castings and poll-openings are just some of the tactics employed by authoritarians to stack 'democratic' elections. Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Information Operations

'Information Operations' are the deliberate propagation of disinformation, the restriction of informational availability, and the subversion of perceived informational legitimacy. The implications of this new type of warfare stretch beyond politics to business. Read more

Dyn DDoS: A State-Actor Threat?

Whilst it is timely, convenient, and tempting to blame the biggest-ever DDoS attack witnessed on state actors, is there really any evidence? SOHO Managing Partner David Wilkinson is skeptical. Read more

A Cause of Conflict and Concern

The world is a less violent place than ever before, but conflict has not gone away. It has simply become less physical, less kinetic, and has been driven into other spheres. Read more

The Disinformation Age

Good economies and democracies alike function on the idea that the availability of information ensures better outcomes for all. For this idea to hold true, information must be widely available to all those who seek it, provided in a timely manner, and above all be accurate. Can we guarantee that information is? Read more

The Trinity Underpinning Globalism

In cybersecurity there is a well accepted three-way trade-off between usability, functionality, and security. But this relationship extends far beyond cyber realms. Read more

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Why is Facebook Buying MSQRD?

Facebook has bought popular video-filter app Masquerade (MSQRD). BBC News asked Soho Strategy to guide them through the logic behind the acquisition. Read more

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