SOHO is a full-service digital strategy, intelligence, and product studio, set up in early 2008.

We’re digital natives as well as digital strategists. Our founding team started out young, and by 13 were generating millions of pageviews a month.

All grown up, now we solve problems for the world’s biggest organisations and apply technology to tackle the most important issues in the world: from tackling terrorism to improving healthcare systems.

/our work

All of our work is data-driven, and evidence-based.

We started life as a “full service” digital agency, building websites for clients and marketing them online. All of our products and services are built with demonstrable ROI and measurable KPIs in mind. See our solutions and services >

/our results

Our scientific approach yields provable results time and time again.

By underpinning creative design and strategic thinking with deep data science, we deliver actionable insight with wide business applicability, as well as outstanding results in our directly-managed campaigns. Browse our case studies >

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To find our what we can do for your organisation, set up a confidential, no-obligation chat.

We’re on the lookout for interesting challenges. From financial markets through humantiarian development, we cover a full gamut of industries and clients. To find out more, contact us today >

We're based in the heart of London, inside Covent Garden.

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