Our History //

We’re digital natives as well as digital strategists. Our London-based team started out young.

Beginning with zero capital, by the age of thirteen our team were pulling as much as $10,000+ a day through online advertising. All grown up, we now solve problems for the world’s biggest organisations and apply technology to tackle issues as diverse as increasing trust, and countering violent extremism.

Our Work //

SOHO started life as a "full service" digital agency, building websites for clients and marketing them online.

Whilst we still build and advertise great sites and apps today, we also now develop the systems, software, processes and tools that businesses use to automate their activities, derive insight and accelerate growth digitally. See our recent work >

Our Results //

We use a scientific, positivist approach to produce stand-out results time and time again.

Blending creativity with our lab’s in-house library of best-practice, we achieve amazing things. We hire those rare data scientists who get design, the world’s developers who speak human, and its strategists without inflated egos. Browse our case studies >

Get in touch //

To find our what we can do for your organisation, drop us a call or email to set up a confidential, no-obligation chat.

We’re on the lookout to work with new, innovative, and exciting brands. From financial markets through humantiarian development, we cover a full gamut of industries and clients. To find out more, contact us today >

Case Studies

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