…and trusted by the biggest brands in the world.

Who we are

We are

We’re digital natives as well as digital strategists. Our founding team started out young with zero capital, but by the age of thirteen were pulling as much as $10,000+ a day through online advertising. All grown up, SOHO now solves problems for the world’s biggest organisations, and applies technology to tackle the most important issues in the world.

What others say

"SOHO’s team have given me invaluable insight and advice. I highly recommend them."
Simon Redfern, Starbucks
Director of Corporate Affairs
“The Soho Strategy team built technology that enables us to model a diverse range of complex systems: from those of small humantiarian charities to global supply chains alike.”
Alex Knapp, AKC Global
Managing Director

What we do


The things we build are as diverse as our teams: designers, developers, strategists, and scientists working together to solve our clients' challenges.


Grow your user-base, build a brand and secure yourself: SOHO develops and executes strategies for rapid-growth, reputation management, conversion optimisation, brand-boosting, security, social media and more.

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