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SOHO is a full-service digital strategy, intelligence, and product studio, set up in early 2008.


Behavioural science, technical expertise, and creative flair. Digital by digital natives.

SOHO's Practices combine our various expertise in three streamlined, objective-oriented offerings. All of our work is data-driven, and evidence-based. See our recent work >

Transformation & Advisory

We provide boards and executives with guidance on complex technology matters. Cutting through trends and understanding regulatory and competitive constraints, we develop digital strategies which tackle organisations' most critical issues. Discover how >

Strategic Intelligence

We combine open-source intelligence with experienced human analysis, providing an unparalleled deeply technical perspective on matters of strategic importance. Learn more >

Product Studio

We work with established businesses and funded entrepreneurs, helping them test asumptions, and transform early-stage ideas into real, ready digital businesses. Find out more >

"SOHO’s team have given me invaluable insight and advice. I highly recommend them."
Simon Redfern, Starbucks
Director of Corporate Affairs


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We’ve refined our own 4D Build Process to ensure that the digital products we develop exceed client expectations and continue to perform far into the future.


Step one is finding out your exact needs, and discovering how best to solve them. We work with you to help better understand your objectives, and only take work where we’re confident we can generate results, and prove our impact quantitatively.


A visual style (or UI) for the brand or product is established, and user-flows (UX) determined.


Designs are translated into code, databases are developed, and the tech is handled. Our design and development teams work hand-in-hand to ensure pixel-perfect translation of your vision into code.


The final step in any project is to deploy, launch, and deliver. Sometimes we’re commissioned to build products and hand them off, but more often than not we’re kept on board to help ship new features, maintain systems, and provide services across a range of other areas: from cybersecurity and user-research, to growth hacking and conversion optimisation.

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